Teen Braces in Gainesville

Uncompromising Options For Your Teen

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Choice For Teen Braces

If you’re a parent in Gainesville looking for the best place to take your teenager for their braces, we officially invite you to check out Trü Orthodontics!

Maximize their self-confidence and open a bright future of straighter smiles and healthy habits with our customizable orthodontic solutions.

Teen Braces Overview

When it comes to choosing orthodontic solutions for teenagers, the experts at Trü Orthodontics understand they need options to suit them. We can utilize traditional metal braces, InBrace lingual braces, or clear aligners like Invisalign® or our own Trü Clear Aligners.


Braces can treat a variety of alignment issues for your teen, including:



Open bite

Cross bite

Crowded teeth

Spaced teeth

Generally crooked teeth

How Teen Braces Work

Your provider will work closely with you and your teen, taking into account both their orthodontic needs as well as their preferences and lifestyle to determine the best type of teen braces in Gainesville for them.

What to Expect

All of your expectations will depend on the type of braces that work best for your teen. Your provider will ensure you understand exactly what to expect of whatever treatment works best for your teen, whether it’s traditional braces, clear aligners, or another of our advanced options.

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Providing the Solutions You Need

Accessible Orthodontics

We make it easy for anyone in the Northern Virginia area to obtain the friendly, positive orthodontic care they deserve with 5 board-certified orthodontists and 4 conveniently located practices throughout the area.

Advanced Tech

Our patients receive advanced 3D scanning instead of old-fashioned mold-taking to ensure a flawless fit for whatever orthodontic solution is best for your teen.

Building Real Relationships

When you choose Trü Orthodontics, your family gets a lifetime partner along your smile journeys. We educate our patients from the ground up and take the time to know you and your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Best Braces For Your Teen

Trü Orthodontics is the expert practice for teen braces in Gainesville!