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Night Guards in Gainesville

Guard Your Teeth Against Grinding

Unclench With a Custom Night Guard

The day-to-day stress of life takes its toll on all of us, but did you know it can contribute to tooth pain and damage?

A common result of stress is a condition called bruxism, which causes you to grind and clench your teeth—often while you’re asleep. If you’re ready to step up your defense, consider visiting Trü Orthodontics for a custom night guard in Gainesville.

Night Guards Overview

Night guards are commonly used by individuals who grind their teeth to safeguard their enamel. These protective devices not only prevent tooth wear but also alleviate tension by reducing the grinding action. As a result, symptoms such as headaches can be improved, offering relief beyond dental protection.


Night guards provide relief for:


Teeth grinding

Jaw clenching

How Night Guards Work

Night guards are protective mouthpieces you wear while you are sleeping. They work by creating a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth, which helps prevent the wear and tear caused by grinding, known as bruxism. The cushioning effect of the guard also reduces the stress on your jaw muscles, making it more comfortable and less damaging. Plus, they’re custom-made for you by our orthodontist in Gainesville for a snug fit, ensuring they’re both effective and comfy. Night guards stand as a simple, non-invasive solution to protect your teeth and jaw from the effects of nighttime grinding.

What to Expect

Every visit to Trü Orthodontics in Gainesville for a night guard starts with an examination. This includes a scan with our iTero digital scanner which provides an accurate map of your teeth and gums. We can 3D print your night guard onsite for a flawless and comfortable fit. You can wear a night guard as often as you need to relieve grinding and clenching, simply ensure you keep it clean and free of bacteria.

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The Best Custom Night Guards in Gainesville

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Our patients receive advanced 3D scanning instead of old-fashioned mold-taking to ensure a flawless fit for night guards and other orthodontic devices.

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