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Orthodontist in Gainesville talking to a patient about retainers.

Night Guards

If you're ready to step up your defense, consider visiting Trü Orthodontics for a custom night guard in Gainesville.

Adult Braces

Whether you want traditional metal braces or discreet options like Invisalign® and Trü Clear Aligners, you can find the best adult braces in Gainesville right here at Trü Orthodontics.

Teen Braces

Maximize their self-confidence and open a bright future of straighter smiles and healthy habits with our customizable orthodontic solutions.

Early Orthodontics

Turning to Trü Orthodontics, the experts in pediatric orthodontics in Gainesville, helps you and your child avoid more extensive intervention later on!

Hidden Braces

With our advanced technology and specialized training, we can provide discreet orthodontic treatment that is virtually invisible from the outside.


While the braces or aligners are the "muscle" that move your teeth into place, a retainer is the warden that keeps them in line.


When it comes to getting Invisalign® in Gainesville, there's no better place than Trü Orthodontics.

orthodontist treating a patient with adult clear aligners in Gainesville, VA.

Trü Clear Aligners

Trü Orthodontics is the only place that offers Trü Clear Aligners in Gainesville. You'll love this innovative and convenient approach to common teeth alignment issues.